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About Us

In 1991, at a store front with just 8 members, Dr. Kenneth O. Robinson, II, formed and founded Restoring Life International Church. Pastor Robinson along with his small congregation were on a mission to come together and strengthen their strong spiritual faith in God. Since then, the membership has grown and has transitioned to the DreamLife Worship Center.

Over the years, the Church organized many activities and programs, including youth groups, women’s and men’s ministry, community outreach and foreign mission. These programs and activities have expanded with DreamLife Worship Center. This growth and hub of activity led to the need for more space. In 2013, the former Randallstown AMF Bowling alley – a 33,447 sq. ft. facility on 3.19 acres of land – was purchased and renovated to house the DreamLife Worship Center.

The new facility at 4111 Deer Park Road in Randallstown, Maryland, will also house the DreamLife Enrichment Center which will include a licensed day care center for children and entrepreneur endeavors. In addition, new programs such as television and radio broadcasting of the worship services and additional missionary circles to meet the needs of the community are being instituted.

Pastor Ken and his wife Pastor Lenyar Robinson, along with several associate pastors believe in teaching and encouraging individuals to seek a deeper relationship with the Lord. It is the mission and vision of DreamLife Worship Center to help people live their dreams and fulfill their purpose by following the word of God and working productively to achieve their goals and aspirations.

DreamLife Worship Center is pastored by Dr. Kenneth O. Robinson, II, and his wife, Pastor Lenyar Robinson. They have four children. They are committed to empowering and inspiring people to live their dream, discover their purpose, maximize their potential and reach their spiritual and financial destiny.

* Click here, to view  a list of our ministries.

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