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Prayer Request


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Hardship Assistance Form

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Prayer Line

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Find Your Dream Care Leader

Partners Last Names Beginning with A

Brother Andre & Sister Evelyn Freeman

Partners Last Names Beginning with B

Minister Jackie Brown & Brother Martie Brown


Partners Last Names Beginning with C

Evangelist Dan & Sister Carleen Murrill


Partners Last Names Beginning with D - F

Elders Walt & Kelley Taylor


Partners Last Names Beginning with G - I

Deacons Danielle & Jamar Giddins

Partners Last Names Beginning with J

Elder Sherron & Brother Nathaniel Moore

Partners Last Names Beginning with K - L

Elder Joseph McCray


Partners Last Names Beginning with M - N

Elder Joseph McCray

Minister Eunice Harvey

Partners Last Names Beginning with O - R

Pastor Denyce Daniels

Deacon Cassandra Washington


Partners Last Names Beginning with S

Minister Maria Shears


Partners Last Names Beginning with T - U

Elder Joseph McCray


Partners Last Names Beginning with V - Z

Elder Georgiana Johnson

Minister Annamay Graham


2023 Church-Wide Events Calendar

Click Here to See All Events for the 2023 Year at the Dream


Other Announcements


Below are the Prayer directives to be in agreement daily on the Conference call and also to pray on your own.


We will pray for Isaiah 6:1-8

  1. Focus: revelation of the Lord’s throne and sovereignty in the earth in every situation we encounter this year. Verse 1

  2. Holiness in the lives of his people. Verse 2 Hebrews 12:14

  3. An expanded vision of God’s glory in all the nations. To evangelize all nations Verse 3 Genesis 12:3

  4. Purge the lips of his people. (gossip, evil speaking, slander, lying, backbiting, and false witnessing)       Verse 5-7

  5. Availability and willing to serve in the kingdom in 2023. Time management in our lives to prioritize His kingdom.      Verse 8

  6. For the people to tap into their creativity, ingenuity, prosperity, and generosity for God’s glory. Genesis 1:1, 26-28; III John 2; John 15:1-7

  7. Praying for the return of the prodigal sons and daughters in the DMV and Prosper, Texas, and surrounding areas.

  8. Continue to pray for oneness and unity in Leadership in Dream Nation. Also, that God will expose those who have hidden agendas and continue to cause division and undermine the authority of our leaders. Psalms 133:1-3; I Corinthians 1:10; Job 5:12; Romans 16:17,18

  9. Pray that God will raise up steadfast, faithful leaders for our youth in Dream Nation in 2023.

  10. Of course, we always pray for our Overseer, Apostle Ken, and Pastor Lenyar.

CONFERENCE LINE #605-472-5726 ACCESS CODE 285026#.

Different Types of Fast

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DreamLife Business Directory

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Dream Community Center

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